What should you do if the airline decides to change destination airport?

In the business of air travel, airline companies hold all the power. You, as a mere customer are always welcome to take your business elsewhere if you don’t agree with their policies. They may choose to increase taxes on carry-on luggage, reduce leg room and even change destination airports. If the latter has just happened to you, here is what Airclaim thinks you must do:

Why airlines change destination airports?

Most airlines will perform this change when they find a specific route to be unprofitable or problematic. They usually take this kind of decision after rigorous analysis and an extended analysis that involve logistics, costs and air traveling safety. Most surely, your airline will not change destination airports mid-flight unless it has been detoured by abnormal landing conditions at the initial airport.

An airline that cancels a route or modifies it in such a way that planes land at different airports usually informs its customers with several months in advance. Most of the time, airlines make this type of announcement with at least six months before the modification takes place. This period gives passengers who have already bought a ticket to change their plans accordingly.

When can you ask for compensation?

If your airline informs you that the destination airport for your flight has changed, you can claim compensation for any inconveniences that you experience because of it. Your best choice is to approach the services of a professional company in the field.

Industry experts can use their legal know-how and identify the airline’s fault in this situation. You may get a refund for your ticket and even more without lifting a finger. The airline’s policy may have specific terms and conditions that could be in your favor, but which an untrained eye would not observe easily.

How to avoid an airport change

If you are not ready to enter a legal battle with a multi-million dollar airline company, you will have to be extremely cautious about your air traveling plans. You can avoid an airport change from taking you by surprise by actively checking your itinerary online on the airline’s website. Any changes to your flight should appear there.

Sometimes, airlines may choose to add a short layover if an airport change is too expensive. In this case, your flight time will increase, and the price that you pay for the ticket will most likely go the other way. If you frequently fly on the same route, make sure that you always check for this kind of changes before boarding your next flight.

Extreme situations when destination airports change

In rare and particular circumstances, the destination airport may change just before your take off date. This unfortunate event could be due to political changes in the country you are about to land. In this case, claiming compensation may be the least of your fears. Also, you might want to thank your airline for not landing in the middle of a civil war for your summer holiday.

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