Planning an event – How to keep things under control

Individual skills separate a great event planning manager from a bad one. These traits subsequently make the difference between a memorable party and a complete failure. If you are in charge of organizing a wedding celebration or a special reunion you need to be in control of the situation at all times. Here are a few tips that will keep you calm and serene throughout the entire festivity:

Expect the worse and preach the best

When you plan a social event, you need to take into account every possible outcome. If you are organizing a wedding, you should expect the bride is running at the altar. If you are in charge of a dinner party, you should assume that some of the guests will suffer from food poisoning. By having a solution for every possible scenario, you can maintain control and inspire the others to act calmly in extreme situations. This practice will give you a confident look and a calm approach to any problem that might come up.

Pick your staff carefully

Even the best event planning managers in the world cannot save a failing party by themselves. Having dependable staff under your command makes every task a lot easier. Take your time to select the right person for every position, and do not fear to pay them extra if their skills guarantee top-quality services.

Study the guests

It is a good idea to meet some of the guests before the event takes place. Ask about any requirements that they might have, such as food allergies, disabilities or health conditions. For example, people with ADHD do not enjoy sitting in a bright-lit place, or in an environment that triggers their condition. Their hyperactivity could ruin both their mood and that of the ones around them.

Manage the resources wisely

Every event has a budget that you must respect down to the smallest details. The last thing you want to happen is to finish the money before ordering the wedding cake. Make sure that enough funds are allocated to each aspect of the celebration. There is no use in investing all the cash in lavish decorations if the food is bad or the band plays awful music.

Keep track of changes

There is a minimal chance of ending an event with the same details and conditions with which you started planning in the beginning. More than often, the beneficiaries change their minds several times about various aspects of the food menu, the band, the number of parking spaces or the way the cutlery is arranged on the table. You must keep track of all their desires and modify the event accordingly.

Learn from your mistakes

The perfect event is difficult to organize. Some managers fail to plan the ideal celebration even if they have 20+ years of experience. The best thing that you can do is to learn from every mistake you make and avoid repeating it at the next party. Maintain a confident and relaxed attitude, and admit to yourself that things could go even worse than they truly are. With this mindset, you will be able to keep things under control and organize a memorable party.

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