How to last longer in bed

Long, satisfying intercourses that finish in spine-arching orgasms are everybody's wet dream. For many aging men, this once possible performance in the bedroom it is now an impossible goal to reach. Their decreasing male health, muscle loss, and low libido prevent them from wooing their partners with memorable sex acts.

If you are one of these unfortunate guys, you will be glad to know that regaining your youthful sexual prowess is not impossible, nor difficult. It only takes a better understanding of your body.

What causes erectile dysfunctions?

The inability to achieve or sustain a hard erection is also known as erectile dysfunction. Guys start to experience this condition as early as 30-years old, and older men resign to never having sex again by the time they reach 55.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the factors that prevent you from lasting longer in bed. Aging reduces your body's production of testosterone, which results in muscle loss, tissue degeneration and lack of sexual drive.

A low level of testosterone affects your sex life, as you encounter difficulties in achieving arousal. Also, even when you reach a state of sexual stimulation, you still have problems maintaining a hard, long-lasting erection throughout intercourse.

How to enhance your sexual performance

The best way to improve your sex drive is to support your body’s production of testosterone. You can do so by living a healthy, active life, and by taking hormone enhancing supplements. In this regard, you should look no further than AndroDNA – an entirely organic solution for performance enhancement that restores your libido naturally.

Dietary supplements that help you regain your youthful appetite for sex are a safe way of prolonging a satisfying sexual performance later in your life. A high level of testosterone should help you last longer in bed and reward your partner with great orgasms.

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